Social Media: To find relatives and talking with friends

{Para estrear o quadro Tea Time, que terá como objetivo falar de assuntos relevantes e que estão em alta em nosso cotidiano, segue um texto sobre as mídias sociais(meu homework da aula de inglês - rsrsrs), e sua importância quando utilizada moderadamente pelos usuários.}

Nowadays, the technology world is advancing. A lot of people stay connected with the internet. The Social Media is a main communication mean used by people.

The technology have several tools, as social media, that is often used on today’s world. In my opinion, the internet and technologies are good, but is necessary to use with moderation.
There’re people that use the social media to find relatives of other countries. Besides, there is people that use to talk with friends and to flirt. In addition, the social media really help you to remember birthdays and to invite peoples to your events too. Besides, in the social media you can also choose which person will be your friends and to have a profile private too.

To sum up, I believe that the internet and the social media will be a important tool of communication for the professionals and general public.